[CREATION] by C: Have You Ever Been Kissed By an Orange?

As a child, the default dessert at my household was fruit - especially apples. My mum never gave me and my brother brownies or ice cream or chocolate mousse, it was always fruit for dessert. I guess that was the Asian way? (Or was it just my mum...)

So for our last WIMIM for June, I've created some dessert-worthy lips made out of fruit! Read until the end of this post for a fun fact ;)

What's your favourite fruit? Mine's watermelon, seedless grapes, and golden kiwi. Oh, and Korean strawberries and apples. I only like the Korean ones because man, they are super sweet! Next time you're in Korea, try their strawberries and apples!!! *_*

The obvious fruit to transform my lips into was strawberry for the reason that it's red. But it was hard to try and create the stem, which as you can see ended up looking like a moustache. (I know you thought it!)

Second fruit is bananas! One is peeled and one is not. Can you tell..? No...? Well at least I tried. I thought this would be another easy fruit since lips and bananas are both long, but it was another tricky one!

This one's gotta be my favourite, and it's none other than orange (or grapefruit or mandarin...or pomelo). This one only required two colours and it was super easy to create! And I noticed whenever I pouted, it actually looked like a sliced orange.

Last fruit of choice is kiwi. I'm actually mildly allergic to kiwifruit, but strangely enough I'm okay with golden kiwi and it's one of my favourite fruits. Whenever I eat green kiwi my tongue goes all funny. Does that happen to you?

And that leads me to the fun fact of the day:
Our very own Mary is allergic to fruit. All kinds of fruit. And unlike me and kiwi the reactions aren't just mild, they're moderate to severe. Yet she still eats them to "try and train herself". *shakes head in disapproval*

So that concludes our WIMIM for this month. Hope you guys enjoy reading the "What Inspired Made in Marcelle" series and let us know if you guys have any suggestions for future themes!

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  1. These lip creations are a lot of fun! The one that caught my eye was the Kiwi. Awesome work, hun :)

    1. Thanks! You should try them too!
      x Court

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