[CREATION] by C: Ka-Pow! Whaam! It's Wonder Woman!! Let's Start WIMIM with a Bang

Hey guys!

Starting from this month, Mary and I are starting a new series called "WIMIM" or "What Inspired Made In Marcelle". From every first Wednesday of each month we are going to put on our creative hats and showcase four different interpretations of a given theme. Mary and I each choose two categories, whether it be makeup, hair, food, photography, music, dance, or nailart. All four creations are revealed over two weeks.

For April, the theme is "Super Heroes"

We've all been exposed to the DC Comics or Marvels Super Heroes in one way or another during our childhood (and of course adulthood). Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, and the list goes on. Out of all the Super Heroes, Wonder Woman stands out the most for me as she seems to be the only well-known female Super Hero. Which is why I chose to become her for our very first WIMIM!

To make things more interesting, I drew inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art techniques.

So here's my first interpretation for this month's WIMIM!

Different stages of transformation (excuse the horrible tan line!) 

Products used:

NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
BH Cosmetics - 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 3rd Edition

I had so much fun creating this look even if it meant half my liquid eyeliner was used. This is only the first post out of many more WIMIMs to come, so make sure to follow us on Bloglovin' for our latest posts and updates!


    I love it!! Well done on your fantastic creativity. I love your lips too, they look just like they are straight off a cartoon character. It must of been so hard to take all the makeup off. I would of wanted it to stay on all day! xx

    1. Thanks Gemma! It did take a couple facial wipes + foaming wash, but it was all worth it!
      x Court

  2. oh wow it looks awesome! The pics with the filters in at the end looks super realistic! Wish we were gutsy enough to play with makeup like this :P

    1. Haha thanks! You should go for it! Trust me it'll be so much fun ;)
      x Court

  3. That recreation is AMAZING! Courtney, you are so talented, hun!! :)

  4. This is incredible! Awesome job Courtney!!



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