[EVENT] by C: 40% Off Entire Range at Cherry Culture! What to Get VS What Not to Get.

That's right. It's 40% off absolutely EVERYTHING at Cherry Culture from March 4th until March 9th. A while back, Mary did a [SHOP GUIDE] on our experience of Cherry Culture (click here) and a massive haul post here, where we took advantage of their 40% off NYX products. This time, it's even better because it's 40% off everything in store. Just remember to use the Promo Code: MMM14 to get your discount for March Makeup Madness!

We recommend...

NYX Rouge Cream Blush $6.75* NOW $4.05

Top seller for a reason! Mary owns three of these - Tea Rose, Hot Pink, and Glow. To see her swatches check it out here.

If you're a pencil eyeliner enthusiast, this is a must in your collection. A long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof, weatherproof, panda-eye proof, everything proof pencil - another favourite of Mary's!

China Glaze Nail Polish $4.20 NOW $2.52

Mary and I both own a variety of these, and we both agree that For Audrey is such a flattering shade. And for US$2.52 it's a steal! For some swatch photos of China Glaze polishes, check out the photos here and here.

We don't recommend...

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil $4.50  NOW 2.70

I own a couple of these and five out the the six I own are currently sitting in my drawer with spider webs forming. Ok maybe not, but that's how much I dislike them. The only colour that I would recommend out of the 30 odd shades available is Milk.

Another item from our last haul, but unfortunately a very disappointing buy for Mary. She found that although it dried quickly, the finish was not as nice as other top coats. Also it has a tendency to pull away from the edges so it leaves cracks behind. Not so attractive.

Having loved thNYX Professional Shadow/Smokie Brush in Small (B31) Mary also had high hopes for this brush but it was such a major fail. It has a nice weight in the hands but when she washed it the dye in the black part washed out and stained the white part blue. So now the brush is patchy black/ white down the bottom and a dirty blue on the top. It has gotten worse with every wash.

*All prices are in US dollars.

There are so many more products and brands on Cherry Culture that we're dying to try out and we couldn't be more thrilled by this sale. But it won't last long so get your hands on them before time runs out! And also an important thing to remember is that international shipping fee can be very steep, so get your girlfriends together and save on shipping fee by making a bulk order.

Enjoy your shopping and let us know what products you recommend/ don't recommend, because I'm struggling to narrow my shopping cart down!

Love, Court :)


  1. I didn't like the NYX jumbos too much either, I decided to try it out after hearing so much hype. I kept getting it onto my eyelash roots, which ends up going into my eyes.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. That's exactly why I bought so many. Too bad I couldn't try them out before making the purchase, but I'm glad now you can!
      x Court

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