[REVIEW] by M: Holika Holika Petit Jelly Aqua BB

If you have ever done any research for the "best" Korean BB cream then you have probably come across the Holika Holika Petit Jelly Aqua BB. It is such a highly raved about product and I could not see why...till now.

RRP: 13500₩ (~$14.20 AUD)
 This product contains over 70% healthy aqua.  The moisturizing jelly texture on your skin is enriched with moisture, soaking into your skin and clarifying the skin, a new moisture technology BB cream. Jelly BB makes moist and bouncy jelly skin. Jelly texture spreads evenly and is perfect for covering up facial blemishes. This is a water based range of make-up. It is able to minimize pore size.
  • Moisturizing
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Good for Covering blemishes

First off, how cute is the jelly shape container? It's slightly frosted and the overall product has a nice weight in the hands.Attached to the lid is a spatula in which you use to scoop product out. And just wait till you see the texture of the product, it really does live up to its "jelly" name. This started to annoy me because it was really hard to scoop products as you started getting closer to the bottom of the jar as the spatula is flat and the product likes to wobble off it.
This comes in only 2 shades and they are both pretty light since they are aimed at a Korean market.
The sponge that is included is close to useless. I used it for this post but I find it absorbs too much of the product and does not distribute it evenly. I ended up with a cakier face than I would normally go with. My favourite way to apply this is with a wet Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Despite everything, this applies like a dream. As soon as you apply then jelly, it melts into your skin blends in effortlessly. My skin really benefits from its moisturising properties, especially in my drier scaly patches and even acne breakout areas. It sets really well into a natural finish that lasts me adequately though an average day.
 As you can see below, my face is usually quite red after I wash it and this BB really does even out the skin tone nicely. It smooths everything out and has a medium/high coverage (for a BB). It looks a little "cakey" in the photos because I was using the sponge which really packed on the product. But despite that, it still looks much better than other products. Also after a few minutes it does fade into the skin better so you don't see it as much. Plus it is meant to be water base so it has yet to make me break out.

"Moiturizing"? Yes indeedy. My skin feels soft throughout the day and I find that I have less dry patches. Even on areas where I have pimples that are drying out, these remain looking pretty decent. 
And does it "minimize pores"? Well have a look below (click on the picture for a close up). I have super large pores on my cheeks and many acne scars. You can definitely see the difference in those marks with the BB alone and no primer. 
"Covering blemishes?" Well to an extent it does. It is not a concealer afterall but does do well to draw less attention to pimples by not highlighting the dryness but also really reducing the redness.

Look at the smoothness!
- Great coverage (for a bb cream) with minimal caking
- Keeps skin moisturised & supple
- SPF 20
- Water based product
- Minimal shine throughout the day, "natural" finish

- Packaging cumbersome
- Not many shades available
- Not long lasting

Final thoughts:
This has been a brilliant product to use and it has really made its way into my daily use. Definitely a huge contender for HG BB cream. :O I wish there were more shades available so more people can try it and see how awesome it is.


  1. Wow, it looks great, better than some foundations available in Australia

    1. It looks even more natural in real life. Definitely a great alternative to wearing foundation with its decent coverage and all.
      - Mary



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