[EMPTIES] by M: December '13

My big savings goal is for our America trip this year, so I've been trying to finish as many products as I can...to make space for the many more to be bought. So be prepared to see huge empties in the next couple of months.

I can be such a hoarder sometimes. Found these while rummaging through my nail polishes. Haven't had the heart to throw them out till now because there's still a tiny amount left. But as you can see, they're not exactly useable.

Cutex 60 seconds supershine: This bottle looks messy because it leaked and ended up hardening. I did not like this much anyway.
Skin Food nail vita nut strengthener: Another not so great product. It made nail polishes chip like crazy and became gluggy really quickly.

A.C Care bee's repair complex & A.C Care bee's care serum: Great products but I found I used them up so quickly.

D&G No.3 L'imperatrice: My absolute favourite perfume forever and ever. I'm a little weird in that I feel nauseated wearing perfumes most of the time, except for this D&G one. Plus the fruitiness of it suits me the best. When I first tried it, a friend commented that this was me in a perfume form.
Genie in a bottle arbutin whitening serum: This was one of my first ventures into the serum business. I was hoping that the arbutin would help lightening my acne scars but alas this did not do much. It took me so long to use up one tiny bottle and it comes in a 4 pack, so I still have 3 more to go. I think I'm going to start using them on my elbows and knees.
Smashbox high definition concealer: This was my absolute favourite concealer for a very long time. I liked how heavy duty the coverage was, considering how light the formula was. Plus it highlights the undereye area so well. It was finally time to say goodbye to it when I realised this was breaking me out and making me quite oily. Plus the scent started to change.

Clear total nourishing care shampoo & conditioner: One of my favourite shampoo/conditioners as they leave my hair so clean. Unfortunately these small bottles don't last very long.
Palmolive intensive moisture shampoo & conditioner: I bought the bulk pack of these because I loved how it made my hair smell. Normally I don't like coconut products because of the scent but this was not too overpowering. But I found it does make my hair more oily so I use it only when it's feeling a little dry or I need to smell extra delicious.
Johnson's 24 hour moisture extra-rich bodywash: I have had this bottle in my shower for so long now that it was about time I finished it. I'm not too fond of this as a body wash but I really liked it for shaving.

Dove original anti-perspirant deodorant cream & clear touch anti-white marks roll-on: I do like Dove deodorants because they are soft on the skin and the scent is very clean. Not sure if I'd buy the cream form again because it was quite messy to apply.

Garnier clean detox wipes: I bought these in a 3 pack ages ago but only just finished them. They're not that great because the scent is quite overpowering and it tends to sting my eyes when I try to remove makeup.
Tony Moly floria youth energy mask sheet: These came as gwps so I still have heaps of them left. It was an alright mask. Did not leave my skin very 'radiant' as it claimed to.
Clearasil daily clear vitamins & extracts daily wash (sample): The scent and feel of this reminds me of my teens when I used to use Clearisil type products. A decent wash but I won't be purchasing a full size because my skin needs a more moisturising cleanser.
Maybelline dream pure bb cream (sample): Unfortunately the colour I received was the medium which turned out way too dark for me. But from my brief use of it it did seem like a decent product. But I did oil up quite quickly surprisingly.
Innisfree jeju volvanic pore clay mask (sample): I actually bought the full size of this product before I realised I had a sample already. Luckily I do really like it. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean. I can see why it's such a best seller item. This little sample lasted me so long because I was using so little of it just once/twice a week.

I forgot to include these in the main photo above.
Daiso cotton puff: A staple product in my drawers. I realised how quickly I use up these boxes sometimes. 
DHC deep cleansing oil: Cleansing oils are one of my favourite ways to remove stubborn makeup and ensuring my skin is super clean without drying it out. I finally finished up such a small bottle of the DHC one. A great cleansing oil but I wouldn't repurchase it because I prefer the Softymo one which works better and is cheaper.

I plan on doing a new years makeup/nail/skincare clean out, so the next empties probably won't be so empty looking.
<3 Mary


  1. These are some impressive empties!
    I am also saving for a trip to America! So excite! I want to go to Disneyland and some sort of amazing outlet mall and my BF really wants to go to vegas, so those are our first choices.
    I also have the same cotton puff things, great value I think!

    1. Definitely muchos excite for both of us! We're planning on going everything, including Disneyland in LA & Vegas for a couple of days. New York is also another must for us.
      - Mary

  2. wow thats a lot of used up products!!! Enjoy your trip to America!

    1. Unfortunately that trip isn't till the middle of the year. But that gives me time to use up plenty more products. My next empties is already looking to be pretty full too. Haha
      - Mary



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