[HAUL] by M: iHerb (Real Techniques, Physician's formula, ELF)

This haul has been a long time coming. I have had my eyes on many of these products for a while now and finally was able to put my order through once things came back in stock. This was an order between myself, Court and our friend JD. Unfortunately I did the most damage this time round (as always).

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman:
The 'complexion sponge' was the whole reason that my order kept getting delayed. Since it was launched it has been in and out of stock. The 'duo-fiber brushes' and 'shading brush' will be Court's first RT brushes. I'm pretty excited for her.

Physicians Formula:
I foresee a lot of makeup wearing time as it becomes holiday retail season. Perfect time to see whether this 'lash serum' works. Plus I don't already have a brown liquid liner so hopefully it looks pretty natural.

Both Court and I realised that we don't have a good blending brush to use. So we decided on 2 different brands to try and compare. My first impressions of these is that the EM one is much softer and would be gentler on the eyes.

As most of you know, ELF products aren't that easily available here in Australia so both Court and I were pretty eager to order some of their brushes to try. For $3 a brush I wasn't expecting much but when they arrived, the quality of the bristles were such a surprise. I'm really looking forward to using these.

I was also excited to buy some protein bars at US prices. These Quest ones have been highly talked about so I thought I'd give them a try. I've had one of each so far and the cookie dough one is amazing. The caramel syrup was a random buy. I'm planning on making some 'healthy' ice-cream this summer once the weather picks up. 

Not pictured:

I forgot to take an individual picture of this product, but it's the small blue bottle in the big picture. I was after an alcohol hand sanitiser that did not smell like alcohol which I could use on the go. Surprisingly this has almost no chemical scent and purely pepperminty. The mist is actually finer than I expected too.

So it may look like we bought a lot, but everything was so cheap that the final total was not as much as you'd think. Shipping was reasonable and is calculated upon weight. Plus by the time I added up all the discounts, it worked out that we essentially got free shipping. So if anyone is planning on buying anything soon, you should use my rewards code MRD649 for a small discount.

<3 Mary


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