[REVIEW] by M: SAX Eye Delight Eyeshadow Palette

SAX Cosmetics is a brand that I have never heard of so I was pretty excited to pick it up during my Beautorium haul and am now really interested in trying their other products.

Price: $19.95
SAX’s Eye Delight lets you go from day to night in no time. Light to dark shadows in flattering warm neutrals help you create a variety of naturally gorgeous looks. With its velvety texture, shadows can be layered and effortlessly blended, adding gorgeous colour to your eyes.
Packaging: The rubbery packaging on this reminds me of NARS and it gathers fingerprints like no tomorrow. I am always having to wipe it down because it can look quite dirty with makeup smudged all over the cover. I am loving the huge mirror inside though and is very useful when I am getting ready with friends. The applicator included is also surprisingly good quality, not that I use it that much.

The pans have so much product in them. Much more than any other palette I have seen. As you can see the colours are kind of paired vertically so that there is a corresponding light/dark combination in the same tone. This makes it very easy to pick combinations which you know will definitely look good together.

The eyeshadows themselves are very nicely pigmented. This is a neutral style palette so they do not apply super opaque but still very nice for an everyday look. I found myself reaching for this very often and all the shades so well together. My favourite combo is using those middle 2 colours from the palette.

Great pigmentation on all shadows
Packaging attracts marks
Great blendibility

Versatile colours

Lots of product

Sturdy packaging

A typical everyday look that I have been sporting

Final thoughts?
As you can see I have been really enjoying this little palette and it would be great addition to anyone's makeup collection. A very highly recommended product!

<3 Mary


  1. Sax is stocked at my local chemist but Ove always overlooked it and hardly give it a second glance! Def need to explore this brand much more thoroughly as the palette looks amazing! Thanks for the review :)

    1. Oooh I am jealous. I need to figure out where I can hunt down more of their range. The bronzer I got is quite good too.
      - Mary

  2. I also got the SAX palette in the last beautorium. Im yet to try it but am super excited now after reading your review. Great review too hun x

    1. Thanks! I'm surprised you haven't opened it up yet. I rip open every package that arrives through my doors. Definitely give this one a chance. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it!
      - Mary

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