[SWATCH] by M: Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini - HD Color Edition

This little tin of amazing is the kind of product that I love having in my collection. Clio products are rarely seen outside of Korea so I'm always excited when I can get my hands on them. This Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini collection is a great way of trying a selection of these liners without having to buy the full sizes. I have too many liners anyway which will never be used up.
These Gelpresso liners are meant to have the staying power of a gel formulation but packaged into a pencil form.
No. 5 Golden Black
A normal black with gold flecks. But when lined on the eyes, you can barely see the gold. I did not like this as much as I'd hope.
No. 7 Bloody Angel
Such an interesting colour. Not something I'd think to wear  on the eyes but surprising quite flattering.  I was worried it'd make me look like a zombie but instead it looks like jewels on the eyes.
No. 9 Gold Shine
Was hoping this would look more "gold" but very pretty nevertheless. A pale shimmer liner, great for highlighting lower lashes/ inner eye.
No. 10 Deep Sea Blue
Such an intense blue! Ridiculous colour pop. Definitely something I need to experiment with.
No. 11 Jade Green
From the name I was expecting a green, but was disappointed to see a blue instead. I think it's an unnecessary addition to the collection because it is so similar to No. 10. The only difference is the slight metallic sheen. Still very pretty though.

After hearing so much about these Gelpresso liners I was a little disappointed in them. They really did not glide on as smooth as I'd thought nor was the staying power that great. Just average in every aspect, although as you can see the colour can be quite intense. Granted, I probably would not wear these sort of colours often anyway but they're still a fun thing to have. Looking forward to some fun looks this summer.

<3 Mary


  1. they look so pretty, bloody angel is a very pretty colour, but probably not for the eye, maybe as a lip liner?

    1. I don't think it would be suitable for the lips because there's a lot of large glitters in that one and I'd be a little worried about ingesting something not made for the lips. Haha. It actually doesn't look as scary on the eyes as you'd imagine. Hmm I might upload a pic to demonstrate this.
      - Mary



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