[REVIEW] by C: Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Hair Foam (Korean hair dye)

Hey lovelies!

I made a promise to myself that I will not do any damage to my hair until it grows out. Not long ago, I broke that promise. I couldn't resist dyeing my hair so I went ahead with the Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Hair Foam in 7N Mocha Latte Brown. And I decided to dye Mary's hair as well.
I (Mary) am going to add my own comments to this post too. My hair has been its natural colours for a while now. Especially since I chopped most of it off recently, I was keen on keeping my hair as healthy as I can.

I bought two boxes of the hair dye in Korea for the price of one at around AUD$10. I had already dyed my hair using the same shade on my virgin hair a week prior, which made my roots lighter than my ends. So I wanted to even out the colours by redyeing it.
Here are the before shots of our hair. You'll notice how my roots are much lighter than the rest.

In my opinion, the colour indicator on the side of the box of how it would turn out is not very accurate. Well, at least for my hair. It says dark brown to black hair will only change subtly but in my case it changed quite dramatically.

Time to open up the boxes and get mixing!

What I liked about this hair dye was that it comes with a poncho that you can cover yourself with. Also the bottle comes with a safety cap. A tip for dyeing your hair is to apply Vaseline on your hairline and your ears so that if any dye gets onto your skin, it is much easier to remove.

When the bottle is pumped it gives out a nice foam that can be easily applied to the hair. However as you can see from the third photo below, once the foam is left on the hair for a while, it tends to die down. We didn't find this a big of a problem but it did make it harder to see which part of the hair had been dyed.
When we were doing my hair the foam was really white. Court mentioned that the first time she used it, the foam was dark. This did not happen till we got towards the bottom of the bottle. I'm pretty sure we mixed it well enough too so I'm not sure why there was that difference.

After half and hour or so it was time to wash it out and reverse the damage using the Damage Care Hair Pack included in the box. 
I really did not like this treatment. The next day my hair was not soft but on top of that it felt weighed down because it became so oily.

And here are the results the day after. My roots are still much lighter than the rest of my hair, but it's much more even than it was before. I didn't notice any missed patches that I get when using normal hair dyes. For Mary's hair, the colour didn't show up as lightly as mine. Her hair colour changed only very slightly. And yes, she is wearing a onesie.
You barely see the colour in my hair. It is more noticeable in the sunlight but it is definitely very subtle.

 For easier comparison, here are the before & after shots side by side. Bare in mind that these were shot in different lighting.

As you can see the results do vary from person to person. My hair strands are very thick and dyes just don't grab on so well. Court's is thinner so this may be why she has gotten such a dramatic change in colour. Her hair is actually even lighter in person than in the photos. Here's a photo in more direct light, the brown really does show up better.

I believe foam hair dyes are much easier to use especially when dyeing your hair without help. The Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Hair Foam worked great on my hair and I would love to try other colours from their range. But for Mary, her hair seems to be much more reluctant to change. I would recommend this hair dye to whoever has dark virgin hair and wants it lighter without bleaching. I am definitely satisfied with the way it turned out!

x Court
<3 Mary


  1. I got this as a freebie from purchase of an Elle girl magazine a while back, love the colour! I'll be in Korea soon so I was wondering whereabouts you bought your dyes from in Korea. Just any supermarket, or do they have their own store?

    1. I got mine from Homeplus. They're a massive supermarket. But I'm sure you can get it at E-mart or Lotte mart as well.
      x Court

  2. I expected it to be darker on my hair, since my hair doesn't take hair dye in well, but the color worked. I was quite suprised and expected a darker color. Now I have to dye it back, since it doesn't make my skin tone :(

  3. Hey, nice review :) Anyway regarding this product, i made a subtitle on it's CF, although the packing is a lil different with other celebrities on it. I hope this makes your review better :)




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