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I realised something really unfair. RMIT in the city has access to amazing food, at least compared to all the other universities. Recently I wanted a change in scenery for studying purposes and happened to be in the area. New gourmet Brooklyn-inspired sandwiches? Yes I'm there. Hero was a place I was not expecting to visit as often as I did.

(These photos are a combination of 3 different trips to this  little shop.) At first it was a little hard to find because it was off the quiet Stewart St. The easiest way to get there is to enter via the RMIT building 80 and walk straight down to level one, exit the doors and turn right. There isn't a lot of seating in the actual shop (almost nothing) and it fills up very quickly around lunchtime. But there is a pop up seating area just a few doors down.


The menu is a good size and the sub varieties scrumptiously pictured around the store. All their names are hashtagged, to appeal to a younger generation I guess. Half subs are $7.80 and a whole one is $11.80 on either multigrain or white bread. There are also various other snacks available such as donuts, wings and pockets.
Probably my favourite of the bunch. The meat succulent and the flavours amazing.
The bread is different to your average sandwich. It is a lot tougher to be able to withhold the immense fillings and not get soggy. But still balances with a sort of fluffiness. By the end of the sub I would have already picked off all the filling and all that's left is dry bread. Not that enjoyable by itself.

Tastes much better than it looks. Those prawns were cooked well despite not being that many in the roll and a little dry from the lack of sauce. There were plenty of "bread-eating" moments.

Despite them tasting amazing, my main issue with these is the size and the spillage of its fillings. Without fail there will be a struggle to squish the sub to a bite-able shape but still it would result in a mess. It's not the "correct" way of eating it, but I found it is a lot easier if you remove the toppings and eat them separately. i.e. the onion rings on the #KIDROYALE and the gherkins on the #RETURNOFTHEMAC.

A little disappointing, not flavoursome enough. The mince was really good though. I barely tasted the caramelised onion. 
They also have limited edition subs in the #LIMITED6 range. Only 6 of these are made a day. The one available at the moment is #RETURNOFTHEMAC
Inspired from PITTSBURG, P.A  
Gippsland grain fed organic Hereford beef, crispy iceberg lettuce, caramelised onion & melted cheddar - wedged w/ sliced gherkins, diced white onions & finished with our Hero special sauce, in a classic white baguette.
Hot ball donuts - jam & chocolate jaffa ($2.80)

The other snacks available are the donuts. These are freshly filled right in front of you and steaming hot when you receive them. Be prepared with a bajillion napkins because these squirt every where as you bite into them. There was no way of eating it without the filling running down our hands. I rarely like jam donuts but this one was a little different, much more sour. The jaffa I would pass on. I would have preferred a more chocolate-y filling or even nutella.
Sauteed herb button mushroom & pesto baked ricotta ($4.80)

The pockets are less intense, less meaty mainly. The ricotta was so interesting but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of it and overwhelmingly it was a mushroom filling, which was still nice. The bread is different to the ones used in the subs. Thinner and chewier it seems. It was nice but I wouldn't buy another one.

For fans of this subshop, good news is here. Two more stores are opening soon in the CBD, one in Hardware Lane and the other on Collins. But for now I need a break from their intense flavours but I am still curious about what else they will have to offer in the future.

<3 Mary
P.S. None of the trips to the store were planned (hence the low quality phone pictures).

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  1. I just had dinner and I'm salivating again. The Kidroyal looks fantastic! I went to Grill'd yesterday, their almighty burger is worth a try :)

    Enter My Dinner Giveaway ^.^

    1. Kidroyale is brilliant. But Grill'd is a much more accessible and still really yummy. My favourite is the probably the baa baa burger. Lamb is awesome.
      - Mary



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