[EXPERIMENT] by M: Optislim Raspberry Ketones Detox

Detox drinks are a gimmick, I know. But that does not mean that I am not curious. So when one of my work colleagues mentioned that she hopes this new Optislim Raspberry Ketones Detox tastes good, I immediately volunteered as a test subject. This was going to be hard because I eat a lot (as evident by my instagram) so barely eating for 2 days was going to be a challenge. Oh and I'm actually hypersensitive to a lot of fruit. So that's an extra challenge that I'm going to have to get through.

The *New* Optislim 48hr detox contains Raspberry Ketones, which was featured on Dr Oz for its weight loss properties. Optislim's special formulation uses the combination of 40 key ingredients to cleanse and detoxify and assists with:
  • Re-energising the body
  • Eliminating excess water weight
  • Reducing belly bloating
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Kick starting weight loss prior to beginning the Optislim Meal Replacement Program
Day 1:
11:00am - "Mix 60ml with 120ml water"...but I don't have a measuring device. Kind of wish the lid of the bottle was the right volume. Idea! Checked it with the measuring cylinder at work and it turns out the lid is 30ml. Awesome.
So 2 lidfuls into a cup with 4 lids of water. Drink time. Yummmmmm. It smells like cherry lollies bordering medicine-like. Kind of like fruit juice? That's not surprising considering the ingredients.

9:00pm - The instructions say to limit food intake so my meals for the day were:
Brekkie - banana
Lunch - 2xboiled eggs, asparagus
Dinner - banana, apple, mandarin
Snack - chia & fruit bun (a friend tempted me with one)

Day 2:
I woke up really hungry today. I think it's because my body is just not used to eating so little. Also my lips are super dry, pretty sure this is because I overloaded my body with fruit yesterday (I swell with certain fruits).
Tried it with cold water from the fridge. It tasted even better.

6:00pm: I caved so badly. I could not stick to the pure fruit diet so I ended up eating some of mum's chicken and corn soup. This doesn't fall into the recommended food guidelines of course. Did I emphasise that I was hungry? But even then, I did stick to the <1200 cal allowance.

9:00pm: All gone! I was a little sad that I now don't have an excuse to drink a sweet drink all the time. I have the worse sugar cravings sometimes.

Final thoughts:
I really don't feel that much different. Still quite famished.This tasted good though? That is all that I got from it. Unfortunately the use of the drink correlated with TOM and hence it was hard to isolate the "debloating" effects because I was starting to swell anyway. The "metabolism boosting" effects are hard to assess with just a 2 day treatment. Drop in dress size? No way. It is definitely going to take a lot more than this to give such a dramatic change.

Skip it. It's basically a very expensive fruit juice.

<3 Mary


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