[LIFE] by M: Gelato World Tour

That's right, it's a Gelato World Tour legitimately sponsored by an Italian Gelato University. (Yes it is a thing apparently). Here you can taste an assortment of unique and absolutely delicious gelatos.

Taste its flavor, learn its art, vote for your favorite.

Gelato World Tour, Melbourne (Australia) stage, 25-27 October 2013. Join us at Argyle Square on Friday (12.30pm - 9.30pm), Saturday (11.00am - 9.30pm) and Sunday (11.00am - 7pm), during the Carlton Italian Festa. The event is organized by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep (with main partners IFI and MEC3). The objective: to share with the public this fresh, high-quality food that represents the excellence and creativity of thousands of gelato artisans.

How cute are these giant ice cream cones?
For a $10 pass you get 2 cups and 3 small cones of gelato. This is already good value in itself. I suggest you go with a couple of friends so you can try everything. Between the 3 of us we got to try all 15 entries (one was absent yesterday). The people manning the booths were so nice and accommodating, well they are trying to gain your votes after all. So if you don't have a group of crazed sweet-tooths like us to share things with, you can always ask them for a spoonful sample before deciding if you wanted it in a cup/cone size.

Vouchers in hand? Mission start!

"Would anyone like to try?" "Me! I volunteer!"
There were also other events going on such as mini classes and talks all about gelato. Who knew the whole process was so technical?

These special gelato containers are so awesome. They spun around and apparently quite exclusive to the event.

You still got a lot from the "small" sample.

We would recommend you grab the information pamphlet and look at everything on offer, then grab a pen and note down which ones you wanted  and in what size. Then you can also not which ones you like so that you can vote afterwards. This helped us move around much more efficiently.

Hello rain...
It was intense, let me tell you. Who would ever think we could ever have too much gelato? Definitely an experience that we would welcome again. Although Melbourne was being its crazy self and it started pouring. Everyone emptied the area...except us. We were the only ones left standing at our table and gobbling everything down. "Protect the ice cream!"

Some of my personal favourites was the Mandorla Affogato (2), Mascarpone and Fig (10) and Pavlova Gelato (8).  It was all about the smoothness of the cream base with optional additions of crunch or chewiness that made all of these oh so delicious. Number 10 was especially smooth and melts in your mouth in such a superb way.

Can't eat any more...
So if you happen to have time this weekend, I highly recommend you make your way to Argyle Square (right off Lygon St) to check this event out. We enjoyed ourselves greatly and you are guaranteed to find something that you'll like.

<3 Mary


  1. Looks ice-bolutely deli-cream!

  2. Wow this is so cool! And I spot Hello Kitty!! I wish there was one in Sydney :(

    Louise | Vanity Corner

    1. There was a hello kitty icecream stand which you can choose from but we decided only try the ones which were included in the competition since they were "the best of the best". It was a really tempting display though.
      - Mary

  3. Time like this, I wish I was in melbourne! You guys got the Organic Expo too this year! so jealous!

    1. Melbourne is pretty amazing. ;) Being the "capital" for so many things means we get such awesome events. Now if IMATS would come here then it would be perfect.
      - Mary

  4. When I got there on Sunday evening they sold out of passes! So sad :(

    1. Yeah I heard how they ran out. Such a shame! You would have absolutely loved it. (Definitely trying not to rub it in) Let's hope they come around again next year. I would totally plan it better to get even more out of it.
      - Mary



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