[CREATION] by C: Halloween special part 3! - Scary Skull Face

It is finally Halloween and for my second and final creation, I decided to draw a skull on my face. While researching some inspirations for this look it seemed like an easy task at first. But I found myself struggling to replicate the skull precisely. By the time I was half way through it, I realised that it doesn't have to look exactly like the real thing. I added my own personal touch to it and ended up loving this look.

The most challenging thing for me was to make the white base. I do not own any white face paint so I had to make one out of what I had, which were the lightest foundation mixed with crushed white eyeshadow and white eye pencil.

 I began looking somewhat like a panda at first which was a worry....

After I drew in the teeth I looked much more like a skull. I had to ask my brother how many teeth an adult human has to figure out how many I had to draw in.

I quickly teased my hair back and added some hairspray to complete the look.


Are these photos scaring you too much? In that case, have a laugh at these next quirky ones. A skull with some style ;)

Equipment wise, this look requires a minimal number of tools. Other than the base, all I used were a small brush and lots of matte black eyeshadow.

I had so much fun creating this look. It's a shame I don't actually get to go out on Halloween to celebrate :( Anyhow, hope you guys are enjoying Halloween and eating lots of candy on my behalf! :D

Trick or treat!

Love, Court


  1. This is so awesome, you're so talented - a job very well done hun! You look freaking fabulous, love the end pics especially with the heart sunnies :)

    Hope you had a spooky day yesterday ;)

  2. This looks amazing!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!



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