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Leading up to the faculty ball each year there is always that frantic rush to find a dress. And every year I manage to leave to last minute, especially in the last 2 years where both dresses arrived on the day of the ball. Thank goodness they’ve fit.

This year was going to be different. I was going to find a dress early and not stress. I scoured the internet, through shops and even mum's wardrobe for a flattering floor length dress. No luck. They were either too expensive or just not flattering for my body shape. I was just about to give up and spend heaps of money on a dress I would not wear that often till I discovered Lulu*s after some late night Youtube watching (as many of us are guilty of) and decided to see what they had to offer.

They had styles which were different to what I have seen. Plus their prices were pretty reasonable. This especially applied to their many maxi dresses. Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Browsing the site was a charm. You could create wishlists and add items to them for later reference. My absolute favourite thing were the reviews. On most items you can see reviews made by other customers about the item. You can even see what kind of body shape they are and hence see if it is applicable to you and see what sizing is like. These helped so much in making decisions on items.

International shipping was not cheap so I messaged all my girlfriends and asked if any of them wanted/needed anything. About a week later the order was sent, nice and early in the month. It took them a couple of days of process the order and when they did, I was notified that one of Court’s dresses was out of stock. Say what? Because of huge time differences between Aus and the U.S, it took about 3 days to sort this out and get it exchanged for something else.

When the package arrived, I was not too impressed with the packaging. I guess not much was needed considering they are clothes after all.

Location: U.S
Go to buy: Clothes (especially dresses), The Balm, Butter London, Nyx
  • Order date: 04/08/13
  • Dispatch date: 09/08/13
  • Aus arrival: 12/08/13
  • Final arrival: 16/8/13
It is $25 flat rate international shipping. They recently came out with a promo code "worldwide" which will give you free shipping when you spend over $150. This was not available when we put through our order but we used a different code and actually saved more than this anyway. So with this kind of pricing, it is best if you order with a friend.

Returns seem easy to do, you log into your account and print off the slip for your item and then send it off.
I wanted to exchange one of my dresses because it was not completely flattering. So I emailed them about it and was told that I had to call them to organise this and exchanges were not able to be done via email or their website. When I asked about shipping, they said they’d “split it” with me. i.e. I pay for shipping the product back to them and they won’t charge for shipping the other item to me. I still really liked this dress and did not hate it enough to a) call an international number and try to coordinate time zones to make it during an appropriate time b) pay for more expensive international shipping.

Reviews on most items, helps you decide
Some items not quite what the description says, but this can be overcome by reading the reviews
Good quality clothing
Expensive international shipping, if you don’t want to spend $150
Reasonable prices
Must contact their U.S number to discuss exchanges
Wishlist option

Final thoughts:
We bought mostly dresses this time round but they do offer a selection of other items too. I'm curious to see how their (cheap) shoes fare and the Balm items. This is a great site for clothes shopping (especially dresses) and the quality is surprisingly good despite the price.
They are also located in the U.S so definitely allow time for processing and shipping if you are from overseas. But 2 weeks is not too bad considering the distance.
Be careful with what you choose because return/exchanges are expensive to do.

<3 Mary


  1. Don't think there would be any occasion for me to wear formal dresses anytime soon but it's great how the dresses are quite inexpensive. I like how they also stock beauty products so I might check them out :D Thanks for sharing!

    Louise | Vanity Corner
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    1. Their maxis are really nice and so comfy. There's a really nice one that I bought, which I have seen similar ones in stores here for $150+. I probably wouldn't go here to buy beauty products unless you're ordering something else too. Because there are other places where it's cheaper and shipping isn't as expensive.

      - Mary

  2. Hello, are you by any chance selling the red maxi dress?



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