[LIFE] by M: Happy Birthday Courtney!

It’s finally midnight of September 27th and guess whose birthday it is? 

I love you.

Thanks for putting up with me for the last 4 years. I have loved “growing up” with you. You can definitely see how we have changed, even just through a few photos. (p.s. we have A LOT of photos together, it may be a little unhealthy)
I think we kind of look better over time? Less awkward at least. Haha. But I really don't think we will ever stop our random dancing/singing/spontaneous eating.
Thank you for being the beautiful person you have always been and it has been a pleasure studying and working with you.
I look forward to future silly antics with you and spending many more birthdays “togesher”.
(You thought you'd forgotten about this picture right?)

Love you forever,
p.s. Don’t hate me for publicly humiliating you. ;)



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