[HAUL] by M: Melbourne Central One Day Shopping Festival

I don't need to shop. Said no woman ever. Just a quick post about the Melbourne Central One Day Shopping Festival that occurred last Thursday. It was a spontaneous shopping spree for me because I was meant to be studying. Said every uni student ever. There were some awesome storewide sales, about 10-30% on stores that rarely go on sale. So I stuck to my own mental budget, a maximum $20 on clothing items.
The whole shopping centre was packed, considering it was a Thursday night. The lines for some places were ridiculous. I'm pretty sure we were in line for the Valleygirl change rooms for at least 30mins. Court and I took turns, one would do some more browsing while the other lined up then we'd swap.

I try not to expose my arms, but I'm determined to get into shape so that I will confidently wear this throughout summer.
I am surprised how well this jacket drapes on me. A little on the thin side but perfect for spring/summer.
I've been wanting high waisted short since forever but they have never looked flattering on me. These hug really nicely.
Sorry it's a little wrinkled, they haven't been washed yet. These are a little long on me so I'm going to hem them to fit.
I know I'm late jumping on the coloured jeans bandwagon. I like wearing black jeans but these are really stretchy and so comfy. 
A couple of cheap tops that I'm hoping to gym in.
These were my necessary buys. I really needed a new uni bag and water bottle. I'm currently in love with this filter bottle. It makes me forget how much water I'm drinking.
So that's my little, not that exciting haul. My only regret is that I should have bought more things. Oh well there will be plenty more VIP nights.

<3 Mary


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