[SKINCARE] by M: Dry Skin Repair Night Routine

My skin went berserk recently and I still have no idea what caused it. It was the weirdest combination that seemed hard to treat. Usually it's actually quite resilient and rarely does it react to topical products so I'm guessing it was something else that triggered this rash.

The Story 
(Skip this if you don't want to be bored. ;D )
So a while ago my skin went crazy. It started feeling quite swollen and shiny and by the next day not only had I broken out like crazy, but also most of my face was red all over and extremely itchy. I'm sure my frantic scratching did not help. Even to the point where I applied a mild cortisone cream in attempt to calm it down. So throughout the week at uni I was itchy and flaky, where I was actually shedding onto my clothes. Ew I know. I decided that I had to change my skincare routine because it was just not moisturising enough for the change in weather. So after only a few days of changing over to this, my skin is looking nice and plump again. I'm now just treating the acne darkness that's left over from the breakout and general skin repair. There was a point during swotvac that Courtney thought I had a huge bruise on my face. =___=

Here's what I use:

1. Shiseido Eau de Luxe (Bought off Sasa)
I usually use my witch hazel as a 'cleansing' astringent toner but I know it can be extremely dry and the alcohol can irritate my dry skin even more. So I decided to switch back to this Shiseido one which I stopped using because I didn't feel like it was 'cleaning' my skin as well. This is more of a skin freshener. It works great on aggravated skin, kind of reminds me of a floral water so it's very soothing. This is the one aimed for acne skin so I know it's also preventing further breakouts.
This is one of the products which is exclusive to Asia I think. It's not really made by the main Shiseido brand but one of their side brands.

2. Iope Moisture Intense Softener
This is my 2nd toner in my routine. I found that my moisturiser absorbs a lot better if I use this beforehand. It does a great job at softening my skin and prepping it for later products.

3. Vitacreme B12 (Bought off StrawberryNet)
A much raved about product in Asia a few years back. Known for its skin renewal properties. Normally I use this in Summer as a light weight night cream but I did not feel it did that much. But then I had a bit of an epiphany. Recently at uni we were talking about using a thicker cream on top of topical medications to greatly enhance its effects. So that's what I did with the combination of this and the Cetaphil.

4. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream
This was my occlusive product. Meaning it's thick and prevents moisture loss from the skin. This has been a winter favourite for ages. The ingredients list is probably not as sensitive-skin friendly as it could be, considering is its target market. But I have found no problems with it so far. Definitely a night time only product unless you want to look like a ball of shine during the day.

5. Benzac AC 10%
Benzoyl peroxide is my go-to product to treat my acne. But it is one of the worse products for dry skin. I had to use this to calm the breakout. Thank goodness the rest of my products did such a great job at keeping my skin moisturised, so the drying side effect was not prominent.

The weird thing is that this "reaction" keeps coming back in cycles so it's there for a week then gone for a couple. I will probably continue using this night routine throughout winter to really keep my skin super moisturised. The Vitacreme B12 is just about finished (hence the misshaped tube) but I think I will go back to my normal night time routine soon because this one can feel quite heavy after a while.

<3 Mary


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