[HAUL] by M: Priceline 40% off Skincare

So technically I have finished my Project Pan. I just haven't had a chance to write an update yet. So to celebrate I "browsed" Priceline after uni. I walked out with "necessities". Oh dear.

First up are some repurchases. These have all appeared in my Project Pan already.

RRP: $9.99
Purchased: $5.99

T.N Dickinsons Witch Hazel
RRP: $6.59
Purchased: $3.95

RRP: $5.79
Purchased: $3.95

Some unnecessary necessities. 

Johnson's Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes for Dry Skin
RRP: $16.99
Purchased: $10.20

RRP: $8.99
Purchased: $5.40

My skin is crazy dry at the moment but also breaking out. So hopefully these products will help.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil + Bonus Firming Body Lotion
RRP: $35.99
Purchased: $21.59

RRP: $34.99
Purchased: $20.99

RRP: $8.99
Purchased: $5.40

Finally the most exciting purchase. The brand new Olay Cleansing System. I want to see how this is compared to the Clarisonic (We might do a comparison post in a little bit)

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System 
RRP: $32.49
Purchased: $19.49

Olay Regenerist Replacement Cleansing Brush Heads
RRP: $9.99
Purchased: $6.00

I actually ended up going to 2 different Pricelines because I could not make it on the first day of the sale so ended up going on the last day. So by that time, all the Olay brushes were sold out in the Melbourne city area (the store assistant had to check). So before work that night, I went to a store nearby and they had heaps of them (despite someone telling me they only had 1 left when I called them).

Yeah I spent a lot more than I anticipated but look how much I saved. Haha

<3 Mary


  1. Fantastic haul! I ended up getting more than I thought I would too but we saved so much! Haha. Interested to see how the Olay cleansing system goes :)


    1. Just think of the savings! Right? ;) I've tried the Olay already, so far so good.

      - Mary

  2. Great haul! How's the Olay Cleansing System going? I have a Clarisonic and it'd be interesting to compare. :)

    1. So far so good. It's smaller and "less cleansing" than a Clarisonic I reckon. But this is better for my skin which is really dry at the moment. Court has a Clarisonic so hopefully we can do a comparison post in the future.

      - Mary



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