[SHOP GUIDE] by C: Brands Exclusive, a Love/ Hate Relationship

Hey lovelies!
Don't you just love it when you find a good bargain for fashion & beauty items? I know I certainly do. Today, I am going to talk about my experience with Brands Exclusive.

Brands Exclusive is an Australia based online shopping site where you can purchase items at a sale price. They also have an iPad app, so it makes it easy for me to access and view daily deals. Here's what the website says about itself:

What is brandsExclusive?

brandsExclusive is Australia’s leading online shopping destination for fashion, footwear and accessories.

How can you offer premium products at such great prices?

Our unique business model enables us to provide our members with significant savings. We work with each brand partners to ensure the best possible prices for our members, and we don’t stock inventory which allows us to save on warehouse costs. This allows us to pass the savings straight to our members!

Are the products genuine?

Yes, absolutely. We source products from brand manufacturers or distributors. This is why we can guarantee that all our products are 100% genuine.

How long are the sales events on brandsExclusive for a particular brand?

Sales events typically last 2-4 days. The sale of individual products lasts as long as the product is available, so it is always good to get in early.

 I have only been browsing without purchasing anything from them because I wasn't too happy with their shipping rate, which is at a flat rate of $9.90. Not too bad but would choose websites that offer free shipping over Brands Exclusive. But, when I saw the pink Belle & Bloom bag on sale, I had to have it even though I had never heard of the brand before.

Belle & Bloom bag.

Inside of the bag

Price:  $139.99
Shipping:  $9.90
Total price:  $149.89
Order date:  22/4/2013
Shipping date:  6/5/2013
Arrived date:  16/5/2013

I placed the order on April 22nd and it arrived nearly a month later on May 16th. I had to wait until the sales finished, and for Brands Exclusive to order and recieve the item from the supplier. Everything was well and good until I saw what I received - a bag without the strap. Say what? That's right, my bag had arrived with the strap missing.

Being furious I left a negative feedback on their website. The next day they rang me on my mobile to ask what the exact problem was. Wow, by then I was impressed with their prompt customer service. I told them the whole shabang and I asked whether they could contact Belle & Bloom to see whether they could send me the strap. Couple email exchanges later, they sent their apologies and promptly sent me the strap. That made me realise how their stock management may be sub-par, but their customer service was very impressive. At the end of the day, I received all the bits to my bag and now I am very happy with the quality (maybe not the price).

Although my purchase with Brands Exclusive ended up being ok in the end, I am still worried with how my future purchases will end up. I only recommend using Brands Exclusive if the total price ends up being more than $30 since their shipping is at flat rate of $9.90. Otherwise, they offer great deals which don't last very long so if you don't want to miss out, sign up and look out for their emails.

Love, Court


  1. Sorry to hear about your experience, luckily they fixed it up for you!

    Once I ordered a dress and selected 'purple' as the colour. 4 weeks later (hate how shipping is so slow) I received a green dress...I emailed them about it, but they said there wasn't anything they could do to get me the purple one because the sale had already finished. They then suggested (not even joking) 'maybe you could give it as a gift to a friend?' WHAT???

    Anyways, I wasn't happy about that so I just gave up!

    1. They could have at least offered to refund them. But yea, I was lucky enough that they fixed it up. I've recently ordered some more items from BE so let's see how my second experience goes.
      x Court

  2. oh the bag is nice! ive never tried brands exclusive, but we have tried ozsale, and everything is good so far :)
    its strange how the bag strap wasnt packaged with the bag to begin with, so i'd probs say it was more of belle & bloom's "fault". I feel like stores such as brandsexclusive and buyinvite etc are there to forward stuff to you, rather than being a store that checks stock proper items etc; but im glad it all turned out well nevertheless!
    p.s thanks for nominating us for the leibstar awards- just letting you know we dont know when we will get around to it! XD

    1. That's a good point. I guess BE is the 'middle-man' but I'm glad they sorted it out with belle & bloom for me. And that's ok! There's no rush, so take your time :)
      x Court



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