[REVIEW] by M: FaceQ Peony Snow Lotus & Yeast Whitening Mask

So I absolutely love face masks. They are usually great for an instant skin pick me up. But I do not expect a lot out of them in terms of long term effects. Recently I have really been making my way through my FaceQ assortment pack and have found that there is not much difference between them, besides scent, type of cloth and amount of essence.

After trying the FaceQ Caviar & Hyaluronic Acid one, I was keen to try another full face mask that included slits. Luckily this one was also included in the sampler pack. Peony Snow Lotus & Yeast Whitening mask. Pwoah what a long name. I like to use face masks as soon as I get out of the shower since your skin is more open to absorbing nutrients then.

Look at how much product is in there. It was dripping wet as I pulled it out of the packaging. There was even a pool in the pouch that I could use the next day as an essence in my skincare. And I have absolutely no idea what the back says. I can not read a single word of Chinese unfortunately.

Here it is after about 30 minutes. This lasted pretty well considering I blew dried my hair while wearing it so this would have potentially really dried it out. It was moist for a very long time but you can see it does start pulling away from my face. I was running around the house while wearing this and it stuck on my face fairly well. Another reason why I'm loving these. I can continue doing whatever else I like and not have to lie down, in case it slides off.

I did not realise it till I looked at the photos afterwards, but there are faint prints of the FaceQ characters on the cloth. Cute. A little unnecessary in my opinion.

This is what it looks like once I took it off. You can see where the slits were and also the "chin" part of the mask. In terms of size, I'm surprised it actually fit my face so well. Initially I thought it might have been too small but once you put each part where it's meant to go, it covered my whole face (and chin) sufficiently. I was worried that because I did have to stretch the material, it would be thinner than it was meant to be and hence dry out super quick. But this was not the case. I am still pleasantly surprised how well this fit.

As for the effects, my skin looked brighter afterwards. It also felt softer and smoother too. My base makeup looked great too because of this. But this change was very subtle. I did not see a drastic "whitening" effect. (I would have to use this regularly to judge on that) My bags still looked prominent, because of late nights. My scars are still dark. So overall it seemed more evened out and hence clearer.

- Instant "glowy" effect, and evens out skin
- Lots of essence, enough for a 2nd application after you remove the cloth
- Very hydrating
- Holds well by itself so you don't have to lie down

- No separating plastic sheet
- Effect does not last long (a couple of days max)

<3 Mary


  1. I absolutely LOVE how this mask has unique chin coverage! I've never seen that in a mask before! o__o Thank you for the review, I'll have to pick some of these up!

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    1. Definitely try masks with the chin part to it. So convenient and pampers that area too.

      And followed! Your blog is so cute.

      - Mary



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