[REVIEW] by C: Australis Fresh & Flawless Foundation - Not for me! :(

If you're in Australia like Mary and I am, you're most likely aware of the Aussie drugstore beauty brands out there, such as Face of Australia and Australis.

I have heard good & bad reviews about the Australis Fresh & Flawless Foundation so I thought, why not give it a try myself? It is affordable at $12.95 AUD. I got it in the shade Nude which is the lightest shade. It has SPF15, oil-free, enriched with vitamin E and is meant to leave a shine-free matte finish. What is not to like about it? Well it turns out there are a couple things.

The very first thing I noticed, is the texture. It is quite lumpy and thick, and the shade is very pale which is probably my fault for not choosing the correct shade. Once applied though, it seemed like it matched my skin nicely and I had no trouble blending it in. As I was blending it in with my Sigma stipling brush, I noticed a watery feeling on my face as if the foundation was 'wet'. It gives full coverage on me and hides my red flush very well.

As it claims on their website, it leaves my skin shine-free and matte so I was happy with it despite its weird texture.  

Fresh & Flawless concealed the appearance of pores without clogging them which is also a bonus. But as the day went on, I noticed I was oiling up around my T-zone pretty quickly and Mary mentioned how I looked more white than usual. About four hours after I put on my make up, I noticed most of my foundation had disappeared already. Not happy.

I will be making some use out of this foundation as a concealer or mix it with some of my darker foundations, thanks to its heavy coverage and light shade. 

Who would I recommend this to? I would recommend this foundation to those of you with drier skin, but not to those with oily or combination skin like me.

Lasting power? It is not a long-wear foundation so don't expect it to last you all day.

Coverage? It was sufficient enough to cover my pores, redness, and blemishes so I would say heavy coverage.

Repurchase? No. Maybe as a concealer but not as a foundation.

Overall? This foundation would be great for drier skin periods, but definitely not one of my favourites and definitely not for me. This will be going in my 'rarely used' box of cosmetics or will give it to a friend with dry skin (Mary you wanna try it? ;D).

Let the search for the perfect foundation continue!

What type of skin do you have, and what is your go-to foundation?

Love, Court :)


  1. What a shame the foundation didn't perform as well. I was actually thinking of purchasing their foundations one day but since I have oily skin as well I guess not!
    Also, thanks for dropping by my blog :D

    Vanity Corner

    1. I know! I was so looking forward to it too. - Court



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