[SKINCARE] by M: Removing le Makeup

We realised that we have not posted much about skin care yet so here's something a little different. I was so nervous about putting so much of my face online. Haha. Well here's enough to last you a very long time. P.s. We are in no way skin experts. This just works for me.

When I first started wearing makeup, I did not realise the importance of removing it at the end of the day. Often I wonder why my super clogged skin kept getting worse as the days went by. This was especially evident when I got crazy cystic acne the next day when I had worn lots of makeup the day/night before. At the time I liked using makeup removal wipes because they were easy and seemed to do a good enough job. With a little research I realised that I was going about it all wrong. Years later my skin has less acne and has actually gone from oily to a more normal/dry condition. So after a few adjustments this is my current routine which completely removes everything while trying to target problem areas.

Getting the hair out of the way...

I'm currently using the Revlon Colorstay makeup remover and absolutely love these  Daiso puffs. $2.80 for 2 x 90 packs! Absolute bargain. Great quality too, no fluff.

Giving that bottle a good shaking and holding the soaked pad to each eye for a couple of seconds to remove all the makeup. I usually grab a second puff to remove my lip products and do a quick wipe down of my face.

Off to the bathroom for a deep cleanse. There are my 2 favourite cleansing oils at the moment. They just happen to both be Japanese. (I might do a more in depth post about the purpose of these) The Softymo one is a good cheap alternative to the more well-known DHC one. Sometimes I actually like it more. :O

Here I used the DHC one. As you can see it pumps out quite runny. I massaged it lightly into my face and eye area. This emulsifies the residue makeup and 'dissolve's' it, making it easier to remove. Then I add a little water and as you can see in the picture, this turns it white and you can see the magic starting to occur. Rinse off with warm water. I like using cleansing oil as a big part of my make up removal process because it leaves my skin very soft and does not strip my already dry skin, like makeup removal wipes do. 

Now to really cleanse my face. Sexy hey? ;) This Aquamoist facewash has both hyluronic acid and whitening agents to help with moisturising my face and hopefully help fade acne scars. This comes out quite thick and it foams up in your hands the more you rub it. The bottle advises pre-foaming it in your palms before massaging it into your face. 

After rinsing everything off, I continue to tone and moisturise and then it's bedtime. 

This may seem like a lot of steps and a lot of effort to do but honestly it only takes about 5-10 mins to do. Most of the time I do it all with my eyes closed and still manage to finish with a super clean face.

With this routine I am assured that everything is completely off and my skin an really absorb my moisturiser during the night. Despite the 'oils' that I have used this does not clog up my pores. Just by regularly deep cleansing my face without using full soap products I have noticed a huge increase in my skin clarity and smoothness.

<3 Mary


  1. I love Daiso products!! Also, like the sound of that cleanser because I have acne scars! Great post xx

    1. Daiso make some amazing stuff. I like the cleanser because my skin is very clean afterwards and seems to glow. Don't know how much it has helped with scarring yet. But I would definitely add this to an intensive 'scar healing' routine though. Every bit would help.


  2. Great post lovely!! I was scared too at the very beginning now I plaster my face all over my blog and instagram lol. I love the Daiso cotton puff!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it might take me a while to get used to seeing so much of my face. Courtney tends to take a lot more photos than I do. I think I have to start be more proactive with my instagram first.


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