[PROJECT PAN 30] by M: #1 Off to a good start

What is Project Pan? There are a few variations out there. The idea is that you are not allowed to buy any products until you have 'hit pan' or used up a set amount of products.
Starting a blog with a Project Pan (with a big goal of 30) may sound a bit weird and ambitious, but I did some serious damage to my wallet within the last week and I can barely see the bottom of my vanity table.

So there are a few rules that I have set for myself.
  1. For the product to count on my list it must be empty and/or ready to be thrown out
  2. Samples do count but 10 small samples equate to  1 product and 5 deluxe samples (large samples) counts as 1 also
  3. A product can be brought if no other product is available to use in the same category (e.g. I now have no hair heat protectant so I am allowed to buy another one)
  4. The goal is 30 products and after I have reached it, I am allowed to buy myself a present.
So onto the products that I have demolished. 

1. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
  • Absolutely love these. I probably use one every fortnight or so. As much as people have said that this is not great for your nose but meh, it has vastly improved the appearance of my blackheads. And I am one of those weird people who are really interested in the gunk that you can see on the strip after you have pulled it off.
  • Repurchase? Definitely over and over again.

2. Press & Go in Rock it
  • Recently wore these for a friend's 21st. Very easy to apply and great for my super short nails. Unfortunately these were falling off by the end of the night but I did apply these extremely quickly. The last time I used these and took my time with applying them, the adhesive did stay on for close to a week. P.s. these are 'natural' length nails so if your nails are medium to long-is length these will not fit you. I had a couple nails the same length as the fake ones and those looked horrible.
  • Repurchase? If my nails are short for the next special event.

3. Coles Nail Polish Remover
  • Bought this on a whim when I needed an nail polish remover quickly. Yes my nail polish came off. I have yet to meet a 'bad' polish remover.
  • Repurchase? Maybe if it was another emergency.

4. Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray
  • Honestly I have no idea if this made a difference to my hair. My justification in buying it is that there really isn't any harm in using it. Either it does nothing or it actually does protect my hair at a molecular level. It smells nice I guess. This is my only heat protectant so I will need to buy another one.
  • Repurchase? Going to try another one for now and maybe come back to this. It is pretty cheap.

5. Neutrogena Eye Make-up Remover
  • Love this makeup remover. It is one of those dual phase ones that needs to be shaken up. Hated the packaging because there was no stopper and being the ditz that I am, I knocked the bottle over so many times. So I lost a lot of the top layer and towards the end I ended up with more of the bottom aqueous phase than the top 'oilier' one. So when mixed it just did not work as well.
  • Repurchase? Yes

6. Maybelline XXL Pro Volume Mascara
  • Loved this mascara. It is a 2 step one with white fibers in step 1. The step 2 was extremely black and actually gave me visible eyelashes. :D This looked great with the use of my heated eyelash curler (this tends to not work well with a lot of mascara formulas). My favourite mascara to date. Shame this has been 'discontinued'. 
  • Repurchase? I already have but it is a different formula. The step 1 is now black. I just don't think it works as well for me. 

7.1 IOPE Moisture Intense Cream (Deluxe sample)
  • Got this in a deluxe sample set with the toner and lotion which I am still using at the moment. Absolutely loved this cream. I used it more as a night cream and my skin feels very supple in the morning. The formula is not that thick either and absorbs very well. 
  • Repurchase? Yes. Already have the full size.

7.2 Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush (Travel size)
  • Love the Batiste dry shampoos but I'm not really a fan of this blush scent. This was a small bottle which I kept in my bag to freshen up throughout the day (my hair gets oily very quickly). I had to be really careful because this does leave a white residue if you don't brush it through properly. But this happens to me with all dry shampoos because of my dark hair. Spray with a light hand and 'blend' well.
  • Repurchase? Yes but in a different scent.

As you can see I am 2/5 through my '7th' product. Will need 3 more large samples to 'finish' the product. It may be a while before  I have enough products for another update.
Oh and for those thinking that there isn't really any makeup here, well I don't really wear makeup on a daily basis so most of these 'empties'/project pan would be other beauty-related products which are mostly skincare. The reason being that I changed my view on 'how to make me look better' with as little effort as possible. Preventative is always better than treatment right? Instead of putting on a lot of makeup to smooth out my face, I am trying to invest more time into clearing it from the inside up.

<3 Mary


  1. Great note at the bottom. Its way better to address the cause rather than trying to camouflage the result.
    Good Luck!

    1. Exactly! And I can already see a huge difference.
      And thanks. :D It is sooo hard to not buy things. Especially with the awesome sales on at the moment.


  2. I should definitely try a project pan challenge!I've survived a week without purchasing anything new beauty and makeup wise - which is a big feat for someone like me who is prone to buy anything on sale! I desperately need to get through all of my products, I'm struggling to store them all.

    1. I'm struggling, trust me. It's definitely hard to ignore anything on sale. Especially with Court showing me what she keeps buying.
      I was putting some makeup away into one of my plastic drawers yesterday and it struggling to move because of the weight. Haha

      - Mary



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