[HAUL] by M: The First of the Last

I am now on an official spending ban till I complete my Project Pan (post will be up soon) but things are still going to come in the mail in the mean time and it will feel like Christmas for a while. You will see soon what crazy damage I did to my bank account.

This order came from Catch of the Day during their Hush Puppies sale. I was so worried because I have never ordered shoes online before but this was my "rational" buy because I needed winter shoes and new work shoes.

 These babies were what I was excited to receive. They are to become my staple comfy winter shoes for uni.

 Work shoes...yeah not that exciting. Very comfy though. I did a whole shift on them on Sunday and my feet weren't too bad afterwards. Plus the wedge gives me a much needed height boost.

My random buy for the week. COTD had a quick sale for these. I absolutely love Oreo wafers so I could not say no to this huge box for $2.50! Absolute bargain. Downside is that I have to devour all this in the next month before they expire. Well there goes my diet.


I hate my work place sometimes. They had a 2 for $15 Maybelline sale and you get a free makeup remover. This is my 2nd tube of Falsies and I have always wanted to try the Colossal.

Well that's it for now.
<3 Mary


  1. please share some oreos...there are people in need of some =D

    1. Ahahaha I want some too!! > ___<
      - Court



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